Now  Montana wedding photographers, Jon Menezes Pictures brings years of experience and accolades to the Big Sky country. Jon is very excited to use his love of outdoor weddings to capture stunning wedding photos in Montana

Jon got his start photographing destination weddings throughout Lake Tahoe and Napa Valley. Through his time there he honed his ability to capture stunning portraits and scenic photos in both candid and fashion portraits.He built up a 5 star reputation by working closely and easily with his wedding couples and their guests, always impressing with the ease of working together and amazing photos he delivers.

Jon decided to pick up and move his family and photography business  to Bozeman because they love they have of Montana and everything it has to offer. They can’t wait to work with such great people in God’s country. Jon is so happy to now call his team Montana Wedding Photographers!

CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY is our main focus at the weddings we photograph. Your wedding day is unique to you and your guests, and we love to capture everyone having a great time in an artistic and fun way. You chose to have a Montana wedding because you love the outdoors, and Jon will showcase you and your guests amongst the beautiful Montana backdrop in a natural way.

FASHION PORTRAITS are what set us apart. We love to make you look as good as you ever have, with love and beautiful scenic shots. Coming to Montana from Lake Tahoe is the perfect transition. We will use our artistic ideas and experience in working with the mountains to capture new and stunning weddings photos throughout the Bozeman area and Montana.