Jon has been fortunate to have been asked to photograph some great subjects. Scrolling through this gallery you will see some of Jon’s favorite photos. Now a Montana Photographer Jon is looking forward to capturing new subjects and landscapes.

One of Jon’s favorite shoots was the Reno Air Races, where he got to photograph his childhood hero’s the Blue Angles along with the brand new fighter jet; F-35 Lightning II. Jon spent the days photographing the Air Races, but the important shots were the fighter jets. He woke up at 4am every day to get to the races before the sun came up. He walked around with his ladder while everyone was looking at him like he was crazy. He set up a shoot with the Blue Angels at sunrise. Right as he as going to take his first shots the Military Police came out and shut down the shoot. Disappointed but not deterred, Jon moved back behind the designated line, and used his telephoto lens to capture the number 4 fighter jet with the Reno Air traffic control tower in the backdrop.

On the last day of the week the F-35 was brought out to shoot. Jon was ready with his ladder as others looked on, he was able to elevate his point of view to capture shots of the F-35 not seen from other photographers.

Another noteworthy shoot was when Jon took his wife to Thailand. He brought along his cameras to capture the surreal landscapes. When he got to Railay Beach. The beaches were surrounded by amazing limestone cliffs that rose right out of the water. Jon again was waking up well before the sun due to the time difference. One morning he went out to the beach and laid under the stars. As the sun came up he saw that the sky looked dramatic and perfect for a shot. He went to a spot he found the day before and captured the cliff rising from the end of the peninsula. That evening as he and his wife walked to the other side he took his gear into the ocean cave in waist deep water to capture the cave shot you see.

As a Montana Photographer

Jon can’t wait to go find more surreal landscapes, whether it be Big Sky’s Lone Peak, the awe of Yellowstone, or even to the far north of Glacier National Park. Jon feels very grateful and happy to now be living in Bozeman and to consider himself a Montana Photographer