Now  Montana Architecture Photographers, Jon Menezes Pictures is bringing years of experience photographing mountain homes and modern designs throughout Northern California to the Big Sky country.

Capturing homes and commercial buildings are Jon Menezes Pictures specialty. They strive to bring out the features of your space through artistic composition, and expert editing to highlight the features that set your space apart.


. Back in college Jon had a brief stint in the architecture program, he has always had a love for architecture. Being able to capture the vision of great architects has been a highlight to his photography career. He loves to work with such different and great designs.


. Large commercial buildings offer their own challenges and beauty. Capturing these spaces require the understanding of the space, lighting, and the purpose those buildings are built to offer. In an industry where the rewards are long term leases or lucrative purchases it is imperative to hire the best Montana Architecture Photographers to showcase your building.


. There is great importance to having high quality photos in the residential real estate industry. Agent and owners need their Real Estate Photography to stand out amongst the terrible photos that saturate the industry. Listings that have high quality photos sell both faster and for a higher price. You will catch your future buyers eyes when you hire the best Montana real estate photographers, Jon Menezes Pictures.


. It is always wonderful to see and work with such creative interior designers. Interior Design offers such great opportunity to capture the details and artistic vision of the designer through strategic lighting and thoughtful composition to both highlight the hard work of the designer, and the beauty of the space. One of the challenges of interior design photography is the exposure of both the interior and exterior. Through careful and a technical approach we highlight both the interior and exterior (when needed) through advanced editing, avoiding the terrible HDR that plagues this type of photography.